来源 2019-04-04

1.那是一个付费电话。  It is a pay phone .
2.你要打电话给谁?  Whom do you want to call
3.我要打个市内电话。  I want to make a local call.
4.号码是多少?  What is the number?
5.打查号台查询电话号码。  Call information for the number.
6.电话好像出故障了。  The phone seems to be out of order.
7.我打了几次,但是没有人回答。  I tried several times to call, but there is no answer.
8.我要拨这个号码。  I'm going to dial the number.
9.电话铃响了。  The telephone is ringing.
10.没有人接电话。  No one is answering the phone……