来源 2019-02-28

1.你有电话簿吗?  Do you have a phone book(directory)?
2.我想打个长途电话到台北去。  I would like to make a long distance call to Taibei.
3.我想打个电话到美国去。  I want to make an overseas call to the United States?
4.打一个电话到美国去需要多少钱?  How much is a call to the United states?
5.请你回我一个电话好吗?  Will you please call me back?
6.我可以用你的电话吗?  May I use your telephone?
7.有人在用电话。  Someone is using the phone.
8.你有分机吗?  Do you have an extension?
9.我们没有分机。  We dont have an extension.
10.在转角处有个电话亭。  There is a phone booth in the corner.