来源 2019-01-16

1.你要留什么话吗?  Would you like to leave any message?
2.我要打一个叫号电话。  I would like to place a station-to-station call.
3.我要打一个叫人电话。  I would like to place a person-to-person call.
4.我不知道该怎么打。  I dont know how to do that.
5.你愿意付电话费用吗?  Will you accept the charge.
6.电话局在什么地方?  Where is the telephone office?
7.这附近有公用电话吗?  Is there a public phone near here?
8.你有打电话的硬币吗?  Do you have a coin for the phone?
9.这个号码怎么打?  How do I call this number?
10.你有电话簿吗?  Do you have a phone book(directory)?