来源 2019-04-09

1.他正在开会。  He is in conference.
2.你需要留言吗?  May I take your message?
3.要我请他回你电话吗?  May I have him call you back?
4.抱歉陈先生不在,你要不要跟其他人讲话?  I am sorry Mr. Chen is unavailable, would you like to speak to anyone else?
5.我把这个电话转给陈先生。  I will transfer this call to Mr. Chen.
6.请你不要挂断,我替你找他的号码。  Would you hold the line, please, I will find out his number for you.
7.真抱歉,让你久等了。  I am sorry to keep you waiting.
8.他的分机号码是285.  His extension number is 285.
9.他正在接听别的电话。  He is speaking on another phone.
10.请你代我留话好吗?  Would you please take a message?