来源 2019-01-29

1.我想请你们主管讲话。  I would like to talk to your chief.
2.我要请王先生讲话。  Let me talk to Mr. Wang.
3.我能请李先生讲话吗?  Can I speak to Mr. Li?
4.他什么时候回来?  When is he expected to be back?
5.你知道他什么时候会回来?  Do you know when he will be back?
6.你能否告诉我陈先生何时会回来?  Can you tell me what time Mr. chen will be back ?
7.请问你是哪一位?  Who is this ,please?
8.请问你是谁?  Who is calling, please?
9.请问你姓名?  May I have your name?
10.你要找谁?  Whom are you calling?