来源 2019-02-14

1.我不确定是否有这样的资料存在。  I am not sure such data does exist.
2.这要看列表内容。  It would depend on what is on the list.
3.我们急需这些资料。  We need them urgently.
4.好。我们收齐之后会立即寄给你。  All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.
5.我想请刘先生来听电话。  I would like to talk to Mr. Liu.
6.我想请约翰先生听电话好吗?  May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please?
7.我想和你们的老板讲话好吗?  May I speak to your boss?
8.找一位能讲英语的人来。  Give me someone who can speak English.
9.请问有没有会讲英语的?  Is there anyone who can speak English.
10.我想请你们负责人讲话。  I would like to talk with someone in charge.