来源 2019-04-01

1.我们也希望与贵公司扩大贸易往来。  We also hope to expand our business with you.
2.这是我们的共同愿望。  This is our common desire.
3.我想你也许已经了解到中国在对外贸易中采取了灵活的政策。  I think you probably know China has adopted a flexible policy in her foreign trade.
4.我已经知道了一点儿,但我还想多了解一些。  Ive read about it,but i'd like to know more about it.
5.百闻不如一见。  Seeing is believing.
6.你认为该怎样来进行这次谈判呢?  How would you like to proceed with the negotiations?
7.我想问你一个问题。  I would like to ask you a question.
8.好,请说。  Yes. Please do.
9.你可以回答我有关保证的问题吗?  Would you care to answer my question on the warranty?
10.我不知道你是否愿意立即回答。  I do not know whether you care to answer right away.