来源 2019-02-10

1.你也许对某些产品感兴趣。  You may be interested in only some of the items.
2.剩下的部分我粗略地看一下就可以了。  I can just have a glance at the rest.
3.这些产品在国内外很受欢迎。  Theyve met with great favor home and abroad.
4.所有这些产品都是我们的畅销货。  All these articles are best selling lines.
5.我们双方的愿望都是一致的。  Your desire coincides with ours.
6.怪不得你这幺有经验。  No wonder youre so experienced.
7.随着竞争的加剧,纺织品贸易越来越难做了。  Textile business has become more and more difficult since the competition grew.
8.可以给我一些贵公司最近的商品价格目录表或者一些有关说明资料吗?  Could I have your latest catalogues or something that tells me about your company?
9.我们什幺时候洽谈生意?  At what time can we work out a deal?
10.我希望能与贵公司建立贸易关系。  I hope to conclude some business with you.