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Gun shots have been fired in Burkina Faso to disperse a growing crowd near the presidential palace. Soldiers there have seized the interim president and Prime Minister. Here is our West Africa correspondent Thomas Fessy. “Their captors are soldiers from the elite presidential guards, but their intention remains unknown. Are they protesting against a plan to dismantle their controversial unit? Or are they trying to take power less than a month before the first elections are held since former president Compaore fled a popular uprising last year? And people fear that in the confusion the situation may escalate into violence.” This is the world news form the BBC in London.

key point

presidential adj. 总统的;首长的;统辖的

dismantle vt. 拆除;取消;解散;除掉…的覆盖物vi. 可拆卸

controversial adj. 有争议的;有争论的

violence n. 暴力;侵犯;激烈;歪曲