来源 2019-02-11

1.参观后您会对我们的产品有更深的了解。  Youll know our products better after this visit.
2.也许我们可以先参观一下设计部门。  Maybe we could start with the Designing Department.
3.然后我们再去看看生产线。  Then we could look at the production line.
4.墙上的图表是工艺流程表。  These drawings on the wall are process sheets.
5.表述着每道工艺间的衔接情况。  They describe how each process goes on to the next.
6.我们实行的工作是两班倒。  We are running on two shifts.
7.几乎每一道工艺都是由电脑控制的。  Almost every process is computerized.
8.工作效率大大地提高了,而劳动强度却降低了。  The efficiency is greatly raised,and the intensity of labor is decreased.
9.所有产品在整个生产过程中得通过五道质量检查关。  All produets have to go through five checks in the whole process.
10.我们认为质量是一个企业的灵魂。  We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.