来源 2019-03-11

1.火车通行证有折扣吗?  Is there any discount for the USA Railpass?
2.我可以确认我的班机吗?  May I reconfirm my flight?
3.他们全部不预订的吗?  Are they all non-reserved seats?
4.我一定要预订座位吗?  Do I have to reserve a seat?
5.我可以看时刻表吗?  May I see a timetable?
6.我要等候多久呢?  How long will I have to wait?
7.你喜欢哪种,吸烟座还是禁烟座呢?  Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?
8.你们还有别的班机吗?  Do you have any other flights?
9.你要什么时间离开呢?  When would you like to leave?
10.我可以用电话确认吗?  Can I reconfirm by phone?