来源 2019-01-26

1.起飞时间准时吗?  Is the departure time on schedule?
2.班机诞误多长时间?  How long will the flight be delayed?
3.什么原因延误?  Whats the cause of the delay?
4.这班机会延误吗?  Will the flight be delayed?
5.请给我行李标签好吗?  May I have baggage tags?
6.我还要再确认吗?  Do I have to make a reconfirmation?
7.还有更早一点的吗?  Is there any earlier one?
8.请你告诉我我的预订号码好吗?  Could you tell me my reservation number, please?
9.我可以买到今天上午7点的火车座位吗?  Can I get a seat for today's 7:00 a.m. train?
10.请你更改一下从伦敦到东京的班机日期好吗?  Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo?