来源 2019-02-19

1.一张去那边的往返票要多少钱?  How much does a round trip ticket to go there cost?
2.你可以把这件外套送到洗衣店吗?  Would you take this coat to the cleaners?
3.可以帮我把这件裙子烫平吗?  Will you iron out the wrinkles in this skirt?
4.可以帮我烫这件衬衫吗?  Wont you iron this shirt for me?
5.雨时请你收一下衣服,好吗?  Will you bring the laundry in if it rains?
6.我应该在哪里补票?  Where am I supposed to pay the excess train fare?
7.你在哪里取你的手提箱呢?  Where can you pick up your suitcase?
8.你什么时候可拿到车票呢?  When can you pick up your ticket?
9.入境处在什么地方?  Where is immigration?
10.我到哪里去拿我的行李呢?  Where can I get my baggage?