来源 2019-02-11

1.衣服还没干。  The laundry is not dry enough.
2.我在洗衣机里放了太多的洗衣粉。  I put too much detergent in the washer.
3.这污垢去不掉。  This stain is really stubborn.
4.我今天洗了三次衣服。  I did three loads of wash today.
5.坐火车很舒服。  The train is comfortable.
6.我在行李房托运行李。  I checked my baggage in the baggage section.
7.他猜想火车会很早到达。  he guessed the train would come in early.
8.火车站里经常挤满了人。  The stations are always full of people.
9.祝你旅途愉快。  I hope you have a good trip.
10.你必须在中央车站换车  You need to transfer at central station.