来源 2019-04-09

1.我们在机场的大厅里等约翰。  We waited for john in the lobby of the airport.
2.我要买一张优待票代替。  I'd like to buy an excursion pass instead.
3.我要退这张票。  I'd like a refund on this ticket.
4.我要一个靠窗的座位。  I'd like to have a seat by the window.
5.你必须要在芝加哥站转车。  You have to change at chicago station.
6.到纽约的一天只有一班。  We have only one a day for new york.
7.抱歉,全部满了。  Sorry, they are already full.
8.我要预订一个座位去纽约。  I'd like to reserve a seat to new york.
9.班机号码是9月5日ak708  The flight number is ak708 on september 5th.
10.早上10点半有班机。  There's a ten thirty flight in the morning.