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Hello, this is the BBC news with Iain Purdon.

Serbia and the United Nations have sharply criticized Hungary of using tear gas and water cannon against migrants trying to enter its territory to reach northern Europe. The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic accused Hungary of being brutal and non-European. "We will like to preserve the best possible relationship with our Hungarian colleagues, but they fired tear gas against those migrants and it was a chaotic situation and I hope it will be able to act calmly and responsibly and it will to be able to overcome this situation. But what we need is a comprehensive European solution." Hungary defended its action saying up to two dozen police officers were injured as migrants try to break through a border fence.

key point
comprehensive n. 综合学校;专业综合测验adj. 综合的;广泛的;有理解力的

colleagues n. 同事;同行(colleague的复数)