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A measure aimed at derailing the Iran nuclear bill has been blocked in the United States senate. Republican law makers have been hoping to pass resolution condemning the agreement which they argue doesnt do enough to curtail Irans nuclear ambitions. Barbara Plett Usher reports from Washington. “Heated debate over the Iran deal has consumed Washington for two months. Giving ferocious Republican opposition, a resolution against the agreement easily has the number to pass. But in recent days, president Obama has secured the support of enough Democratic senators to block a vote and thats what theyve done. Republican still have one more week to pass the resolution and make it try. But the legislation aimed at killing the deal is essentially dead. Mr. Obama welcomed the outcome as a victory for the diplomacy, national security and security of the world.”

key point

condemning n. 谴责;处刑v. 谴责(condemn的现在分词)

opposition n. 反对;反对派;在野党;敌对