BBC英语新闻:2015-09-07 南非一项反腐行动发现数百万美元备用来支付工资

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Hello, I am David Austin with BBC news.

A standoff has developed in Hungary after riot police ordered a large number of migrants to get off a train that left the capital Budapest. The authorities want to take the migrants to a transit camp as part of a crackdown on the thousands who've arrived in the country. But many refugees are refusing to disembark, while others have tried to get back on board. Gavin Hewitt witnessed the scenes. “The woman who was carrying a small baby, again crying for help, and then, one of her companions try to help her, somehow that became a push and shove with the police and sheve ended up on the railway lines with the riot police trying to pull her back. And this, of course, inflamed all the other people on the train, and then they broke through the line, and the people who come off the train, got back on the train. They have prepared to just stay on the train rather than to go to this processing center.” Police have now declared Keleti rail station an operation zone until journalists to leave.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande say they have presented joint proposals for the fair redistribution of the refugees within the European Union. They said Europe must act decisively under its obligations to protect those fleeing war and persecution. Speaking later in the Swiss capital Bern, Mrs. Merkel said everybody had to take part in the efforts. “We have a duty to defend the rights of those in need, the Geneva conventional refugees is binding, not just on Germany, but on all member states of the European Union.”

Earlier, sharp disagreements emerged over how best to deal with the crisis in talks between the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and European Union leaders. From Brussels, Chirst Morris. “Mr. Orban said the migrant crisis was a German problem, not a European one, because all the migrants want to get to Germany. He said Hungary was only doing its duty, and migrants should be told to stay away. But the President of the European Council Donald Tusk publicly rebutted Mr. Orban. He said a fair distribution of migrants and refugees across the EU was essential, and Europe should help people in need.”

Czech police say they will stop writing numbers on the hands of migrants after wide spread criticism. Pictures of a police officer using a felt-tip pen to mark the refugees have been widely circulated in the international media leading to comparisons with Jews being tattooed as they arrived in Aushchwitz.

Turkey's police have arrested four suspected people smugglers in connection with a drowning of 12 people in Turkish waters on Wednesday. The victims included the 3-year old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, images of whose body have stirred an international outcry. Aylan, his five years old brother, and his mother, all died as they tried to reach Greece after leaving their home in Kobani in Syria. World news from the BBC.

Guatemalas vice president is expected to assume the presidency today after the incumbent Otto Perez Molina resigned late on Wednesday. The move follows the decision by a judge to issue an arrest warrant for President Perez Molina. Here is Danny Aeberhard. “President Otto Perez Molina came to power promising to fight crime. Now, the former army general is stepping down amid a corruption scandal. That's already forced down his former vice president and a number of ministers. A spokesman has said he will hand himself into police later on Thursday to testify before a judge. He is not being charged and denies the allegations.”

There are reports in Turkey the two British journalists charged with aiding militant groups have been released, but their Turkish based assistant remains in custody. They were arrested last Thursday while working for the Vice News Group in the mainly Kurdish southeast of the country. The trio have denied the allegations.

Hundreds of farmers from across France have driven into Paris to demand more government help to cope with falling prices for livestock and dairy produce. Nearly 1500 thousand tractors have converged on one of the capitals main squares. They are demanding a years moratorium on farmers debts repayments and 3 million EU investment package.

An anti-corruption drive in South Africa has revealed that millions of dollars have been spent on paying the salaries of more than 30,000 ghost employees, Nomsa Maseko has the details. “Premier of the northwest province Supra Mahumapelo made this bizarre revelation after an investigation aimed at cleaning up corruption in government. Mr. Mahumapelo said that it was clear that some people were manipulating the system because officials could not account for millions of dollars used to pay nonexistent government employees. It also emerged that some of these ghost staff members were also promoted along the way, and their salaries had increased.” And that's the latest BBC news.