BBC英语新闻: 奥巴马总统责成政府增加接受叙利亚难民的人数

来源:普特英语听力 2019-02-16
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President Obama has instructed officials to increase the number of Syrian refugees, admitted the United States. Preparations have been made taking up to 10,000 people. Aleem Maqbool reports. "In the four years since the beginning of Syrias conflict, America is estimated to have accepted only around 1500 refugees out of the four million also people who fled the country. There hasnt been the same public or political clamor for change here as there has been in Europe of late. And until now, the Obama administration insisted that it was still at the forefront of dealing with the crisis through its provision of billions of dollars of funds to Syrias neighbors. A poisonous immigration debate fears about security and a limit to funds congress has set aside for resettling refugees here have all been seen as obstacles to the US doing more.”

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