BBC英语新闻: 联合国安理会追查叙利亚境内的化学武器袭击事件

来源:普特英语听力 2019-03-28
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The UN Security Council has authorized a new investigative panel aimed at tracking down those responsible for chemical weapons attacks in Syria. The team has been given the freedom to travel anywhere within Syria to carry out their inquiries. The BBC has seen evidence that more than 60 chemical attacks have been carried out in Syria over the past two years. Sebastian Usher reports.

"The continued use of chemical weapons in Syria is another failure for the international community. Two years ago, all present Assads capability for making the weapons were supposed to have been destroyed. The issue brought the US to the brink of launching an all-out air campaign against the Syrian president. There have been many credible reports since the use of chlorine gas by Syrian forces. The trouble is that chlorine isnt banned. And it is easily available. The latest report for the IS has used mustard gas are equally disturbing. The militants may have attained it from the Iraqi or Syrian facilities they captured or they may even be producing that themselves.”

key point
responsible adj. 负责的,可靠的;有责任的

chlorine n. [化学] 氯(17号化学元素)

mustard n. 芥末;芥菜;深黄色;强烈的兴趣