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Czech police say they will stop writing numbers on the hands of migrants after wide spread criticism. Pictures of a police officer using a felt-tip pen to mark the refugees have been widely circulated in the international media leading to comparisons with Jews being tattooed as they arrived in Aushchwitz.

Turkey's police have arrested four suspected people smugglers in connection with a drowning of 12 people in Turkish waters on Wednesday. The victims included the 3-year old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, images of whose body have stirred an international outcry. Aylan, his five years old brother, and his mother, all died as they tried to reach Greece after leaving their home in Kobani in Syria. World news from the BBC.

key piont

felt-tip 签字笔

circulated adj. 流通的

tattooed 刺花纹

outcry n. 强烈抗议;大声疾呼;尖叫;倒彩