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Hello, I am David Austin with BBC news.

A standoff has developed in Hungary after riot police ordered a large number of migrants to get off a train that left the capital Budapest. The authorities want to take the migrants to a transit camp as part of a crackdown on the thousands who've arrived in the country. But many refugees are refusing to disembark, while others have tried to get back on board. Gavin Hewitt witnessed the scenes. “The woman who was carrying a small baby, again crying for help, and then, one of her companions try to help her, somehow that became a push and shove with the police and sheve ended up on the railway lines with the riot police trying to pull her back. And this, of course, inflamed all the other people on the train, and then they broke through the line, and the people who come off the train, got back on the train. They have prepared to just stay on the train rather than to go to this processing center.” Police have now declared Keleti rail station an operation zone until journalists to leave.

key point
standoff n. 和局;僵持;冷淡;平衡adj. 冷淡的;有支架的

crackdown n. 镇压;(美)制裁;强制取缔;惩罚

disembark vt. 使……登陆;使……上岸vi. 登陆,下车;上岸