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The outgoing Head of football's world governing body FIFA Sepp Blatter has insisted he is not corrupt, and he is leaving the game in exceptionally good shape. Mr. Blatter announced in June that he would step down days after senior FIFA executives were arrested as part of a US corruption inquiry. More from Richard Colven. “Speaking exclusively to the BBC, the FIFA President defended his 17 years at the top of football. That is not corruption in football. That is corruption with individuals. There is no corruption within FIFA? No. The institution FIFA is not corrupt. But the allegations and claims about what happened during his ten-year at FIFA refused to disappear. All that is certain is that next February, he and football's world governing body must move on without each other.”

key point
exceptionally adv. 异常地;特殊地;例外地

corruption n. 贪污,腐败;堕落