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It's been a day of turmoil on stock market around the world as fears deepen of an economic slowdown in China. At one point, the Dow Jones Index in the United States was down by a 1,000 points, one of its biggest ever falls. Although it later rallied, it's still closed down more than 3.5% on the day. The main markets in Europe and Asia fell by more than 4%. And China's Shanghai was down more than 8%. Our economic editor Robert Peston has this assessment of China's economic troubles. “For 30 years, they grew at 10%. The official growth target this year is quite a lot less than 10, It's 7%. But if you look at the fundamentals of that, they are so dependent on debt fueled investment. It can't go on much longer. That growth could fall much more, to say, 3%. Now the point is that China has been generating 1/4 of the world's growth for years and years and years. If growth falls from 10% to 3%, well, I'm afraid, that does mean that global growth slows down very dramatically indeed.” World news from the BBC.

key point

assessment n. 评定;估价

generating 发电 展成法 生成