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Here in the U.K., the government is due to announce new proposals to tackle illegal immigration. New figures are expected to show that migration to Britain has reached record levels. Daniel Sandford has the details. “The immigration bill, which should be published before Christmas, will include a criminal offence in England and Wales of working illegally.We have now learned that the maximum penalty will be 6 months in prison and an unlimited fine, as well as the possibility of wages being seized as proceeds of crime. Business discovered using illegal workers will no longer be able to claim they didn't know a particular employee was not allowed to work. They'll have to show that they carried out proper checks before taking them on.”

key point
proceed vi. 开始;继续进行;发生;行进

maximum n. [数] 极大,最大限度;最大量adj. 最高的;最多的;最大极限的