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Hello, I'm Jonathan Izard with the BBC News.

North and South Koreas say they've reached a deal after marathon talks designed to reduce tension of their border. Both countries put their military forces on alert after a brief exchange of fire last week. Stephen Evans reports from Seoul. “It took just short of forty-eight hours of talking before the two sides stepped back from serious armed confrontation. South Korea agreed to stop broadcasting propaganda into the North from banks of loudspeakers. And North Korea expressed regret about the incident which sparked the crisis. South Korea depicted that expression of regret as an apology. The agreement now reached is not expected to lead to a permanent easing of tension.”

key point

sparked v. 点燃,发动(spark的过去式,过去分词);鼓舞

confrontation n. 对抗;面对;对质

propaganda n. 宣传;传道总会