BBC英语新闻:2015-08-21 中国碳排放量被严重高估

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Hello, I am Stewart Macintosh with the BBC news.

A report says scientist may have overestimated the level of carbon emissions in China over the past decade because of confusion about the type of coal being used there. Researchers said the discrepancy amounted to a significant proportion of global carbon emissions, here is Matt McGrath. "What this report has done is actually going to tested some of the coal thats actually been used there, and they found that the type of coal the Chinese are using has a lot less carbon than that people have been presuming. And so basically they have found it was like 40% less than the UN estimates. So overall, they found discrepancy of three gigatonnes which in names and terms as 10% of the global emissions in 2013."

The United States has submitted a draft proposal for UN arms embargo on South Sudan after its president Salva Kiir refused to sign a peace deal. His rival Riek Machar has already put his signature under the accord. Alion Sheeport reports. “The agreement should put an end to the 20 months old conflict, which bid troops loyal to president against forces ally to his former deputy Riek Machar. It should be signed on Monday, but Salva Kiir said he needed more time for consultations. Timing will be of the essence now, and arms embargo, if agreed, could come into effect as early as September 1st. The draft proposals effort should to be aimed at putting more pressure on Mr. Kiir.”

A Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike is reported to have ended his fast after Israel Supreme Court suspended his detention order. It said his health had been irreversibly damaged. Mohammed Allaan had refused to eat for more than 60 days in protest of being held for 9 months without charge. The court's decision comes as the United Nations political chief Jeffrey Feltman warned of escalation in the Israeli Palestine conflict. He said Israel's decisions to extend the use of prolonged administrative detention threatened to worsen an already precarious human rights situation.

United Nations humanitarian chief Stephen OBrien has strongly criticized the Saudi led coalition in Yemen for bombing the port of Hodeida saying it was a violation of international humanitarian law. Mr. OBrien stressed that Hodeida was an important life line for bringing food and medicine. “I am extremely concerned that the damage to the port of Hodeida could have a severe impact on the entire country, and would deepen humanitarian needs making more people food insecure, leaving them without access to water or medicines, and which could also mean the spread of disease.”

After an investigation lasting more than 20 years, French public prosecutors have called for genocide charges against Rwandan Roman Catholic priest to be dropped. The move could further strain relations between France and Rwanda. A statement said the inquiry had not been able to conclusively confirm the active participation of father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka in Rwandas genocide of 1994. You are listening to the latest world news from the BBC.

There's been a loud explosion in the center of Egyptian capital Cairo. State television said the blast occurred outside the security building. There is no word yet on what caused the explosion or whether anyone has been wounded. Emergency services have been dispatched to the scene and helicopters are flying over the city.

Police in St. Louis have dispersed a crowd who had been protesting after officer shot and killed a black man. The citys police chief Sam Dotson said two African Ameican men were fleeing a police search when one of them turned and pointed a hand gun at his officers. One policeman fired once and a second officer shot the victim said to be in his early 20s three times.

The owner of a salvage boat has reviewed a large hold of gold coins which have lying on the seabed off the coast of Florida for the past 300 years. The treasure was found last month, here is Gary ODonoghue. “On July 30th 1715, a hurricane dashed 11 Spanish galleons onto riffs of Florida's east coast. The ships that went down were carrying gold coins and jewels from Havana destined for the king of Spain. A thousand people have reported to have died in the wrecks. Treasure hunting is a popular pastime in the waters around Florida, and this find turned up in just a meter of water closing to the shore.”

A report by the US space agency NASA says that parts of California are sinking fast than ever because too much water is being pumped out of the ground. The region is suffering a severe draught.

500 inmates of one of Bolivia's most overcrowded and violent jails have gone on a hunger strike demanding better food. Prisoners incarcerated at Paimasola wanted as much money to be spent on them as on police horses and dogs. Currently a dollar a day is used to feed each prisoner while the allowance for horses and dogs is twice of that. Paimasola was built to hold 600 prisoners, it currently houses almost 5000. BBC news.

Key Phrases/Words

1. discrepancy n. 矛盾,(之处) 不符合

2. gigatonnes 亿吨

3. embargo vt. 封(港),禁止(船只)出入港口,禁运

4. hunger strike n. 表示抗议的绝食

5. irreversibly damaged (造成了)不可逆转的损害

6. prolonged adj. 延长的,持续很久的,拖延的

7. precarious adj. 危险的,不确定的,不安全的, 可疑的

8. humanitarian adj. 人道主义的,博爱的,慈善的

9. deepen v. 变深,加深

10. genocide n. 种族灭绝,灭种的罪行,斩尽杀绝

11. strain v/n. 拉紧,拉伤,用力拉,紧张

12.dispatch v. 派遣,调度,(迅速地) 发出

13.disperse v. (使) 分散,(使)散开, (如知识)散播

14. salvage n. 海上营救, 抢救出的财产,救援费

15. pastime n. 消遣,娱乐

16. incarcerate v. 监禁,禁闭,关进监狱