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Hello, I am Stewart Macintosh with the BBC news.

A report says scientist may have overestimated the level of carbon emissions in China over the past decade because of confusion about the type of coal being used there. Researchers said the discrepancy amounted to a significant proportion of global carbon emissions, here is Matt McGrath. “What this report has done is actually going to tested some of the coal thats actually been used there, and they found that the type of coal the Chinese are using has a lot less carbon than that people have been presuming. And so basically they have found it was like 40% less than the UN estimates. So overall, they found discrepancy of three gigatonnes which in names and terms as 10% of the global emissions in 2013.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. discrepancy n. 矛盾,(之处) 不符合

2. gigatonnes 亿吨