BBC英语新闻:2015-08-14 中国天津发生特大爆炸事件

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Marshall with the BBC news.

Huge explosions have rocked Chinese port city of Tianjin. State media say 13 people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. The state broadcaster said residents had been moved 10km from the explosion zone as buildings were collapsing. Our China correspondent John Sudworth reports. “The scale of the disaster is illustrated by one particular piece of mobile phone video taken from a high-rise apartment block. It shows a bright burning glow on the horizon at a distance of around 2km, possibly more, and clearly something large is on fire, then suddenly another bright flashes a huge fireball, lights up the sky. The man filming can be heard talking excitedly and then a full 8 seconds later, the force of the blast rattles the building violently, one can only imagine the effect on the buildings, clearly visible in silhouette, much closer to the blast.”

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has sacked the head of the UN peace keeping mission in the Central African Republic. Mr. Ban said the Senegalese diplomat Babacar Gaye would step down as head of mission. Human rights group Amnesty International has accused UN peace keepers of raping a 12-year old girl, and of killing a boy and his father. Mr. Ban expressed outrage over the reports. “I cannot put into words how anguished and angered and ashamed I am by recurrent reports over the years of sexual exploitation, and abuse by UN forces. When the United Nations deploys the peacekeepers, we do so to protect the world's most vulnerable people.”

The Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic says he fears the worst for a Croatian hostage kidnapped in Egypt following reports that he has been killed by militants affiliated to the Islamic State group. Mr. Milanovic said he could not be 100% certain that Tomislav Salopec was dead, but described the situation as horrifying.

United Statesmost senior soldier has suggested that the country should considered deploying troops with their Iraq counterparts if progress is not made within a month in the fight against Islamic state. The army's chief of staff General Ray ODiano says such forces would have a support rather than a combat role.

The President of Chad said Jihadist group Boko Haram has appointed a new leader. President Idriss Deby named him as Mahamat Daoud, but did not say what mightve happened to the man who has lead Boko Haram in recent years Abubakar Shekau. From Legas, Will rose. “In numerous propaganda videos, Abubakar Shekau taunted the Nigerian authorities, but he has not been seen for several months. President Deby did not say whether Abubakar Shekau had been killed. Last year, the Chadian leader was said to be brokering peace talks with Boko Haram, but the negotiations never happened, then were widely seen as a sham. So some analyst will question how much credence to give to Idriss Deby's latest comments.” World news from the BBC.

Police and soldiers in Myanmar have raided the headquarters of the military backed ruling party in the capital Naypyidaw. Correspondents say that factions within the ruling union solidarity and development party have been engaged in a power struggle in recent months. Thereve been disagreements between the country's president Thein Sein and party's chairman over who should serve the next presidential term.

The former American president Jimmy Carter has announced that he has cancer. He said he would be rearranging his schedule to undergo a treatment. From Washington, here is Gary ODonoghue. "Jimmy Carter underwent a liver surgery last week. And it's now become clear that the cancer has spread to other parts of his body. In a statement, he said further details would be made public after he undergoes further tests by his doctors in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. President Carter is 90 years old, and he is the second oldest living president after George Bush Senior."

A boring factions in Libya have ended two days of talks brokered by the United Nations in Geneva. According to the UN, the parties have committed themselves to reaching a peace agreement within weeks. The UN envoy Bernardino Leon has urged them to strike a deal by the end of the month.

One of Venezuelas main opposition leaders Daniel Ceballos has been released from jail and placed under house arrest. He was arrested in March last year for inciting violence during protests against food shortages, high inflation and rampant crime. Mr. Ceballos is the second leading opposition politician to be released this year.

The coach of Costa Rica's national football team has resigned a day after he was involved in a fight during a match in Panama. Paulo Wanchope, a former star of the national team, said he got angry when a steward denied him access to the pitch. The two men, as seen on the video, exchanged punches before police intervened. Wanchope said he was pushed first, but apologized for overreacting. BBC news.

Key Phrases/Words

1. port city 港口城市

2. light up 点燃,点亮

3. anguished adj. 极其痛苦的

4. recurrent adj. 复发的,复现的,周期性的

5. sexual exploitation 性虐待

6. hostage n. 人质,抵押品

7. counterpart n. 副本,配对物, 相对物 

8. propaganda n. 宣传,宣传运动

9. brokering v. ( broker的现在分词 ) 做掮客 ; 作为权力经纪人进行谈判; 以中间人等身份安排

10. sham n/v. 假冒,赝品,骗子

11. credence n. 凭证,(传言) 相信

12. liver surgery 肝脏手术

13. house arrest n. (本宅) 软禁; 软禁于家中

14. incite v. 煽动,刺激,激励,促使

15. rampant adj. 猖獗的,蔓延的

16.resign v.辞职,放弃,屈从

17. pitch n.场地

18. intervene v. 阻碍,出面,插嘴

19. overreact v.过激反应,反应过火








美国前总统吉米卡特宣布自己得了癌症。他表示将会重新安排行程,接收治疗。盖瑞 欧多诺霍华盛顿报道。“吉米卡特上周接收了肝脏手术。显然,癌细胞已扩散到身体其他器官。声明中,他表示,会在佐治亚州亚特兰大一家医院接受进一步检查,之后他会向公众透露更多病情细节。卡特总统现年90高龄,他也是即老布什后,美国第二高龄在世总统。”


委内瑞拉主要反对党领袖丹尼尔·塞瓦约斯已经从监狱释放现在在家软禁.他去年三月被铺,因为他在针对食物短缺、高通货膨胀和犯罪猖獗的抗议活动中煽动暴力活动. 塞瓦约斯是第二位在今年释放的主要反对党领导人。

哥斯达尼加国家足球队教练因在巴拿马一场比赛中斗殴而引咎辞职。身为前国家队球星的Paulo Wanchope称,一名管理人员阻止他进入球场进而激怒了他。当时录像显示两人在警察赶到前互相拳击对方。Wanchope称是对方先推的他,同时他也对自己的过激行为表示道歉。BBC新闻。