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A boring factions in Libya have ended two days of talks brokered by the United Nations in Geneva. According to the UN, the parties have committed themselves to reaching a peace agreement within weeks. The UN envoy Bernardino Leon has urged them to strike a deal by the end of the month.

One of Venezuelas main opposition leaders Daniel Ceballos has been released from jail and placed under house arrest. He was arrested in March last year for inciting violence during protests against food shortages, high inflation and rampant crime. Mr. Ceballos is the second leading opposition politician to be released this year.

Key Phrases/Words

1. house arrest n. (本宅) 软禁; 软禁于家中

2. incite v. 煽动,刺激,激励,促使

3. rampant adj. 猖獗的,蔓延的


委内瑞拉主要反对党领袖丹尼尔·塞瓦约斯已经从监狱释放现在在家软禁.他去年三月被铺,因为他在针对食物短缺、高通货膨胀和犯罪猖獗的抗议活动中煽动暴力活动. 塞瓦约斯是第二位在今年释放的主要反对党领导人。