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The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has sacked the head of the UN peace keeping mission in the Central African Republic. Mr. Ban said the Senegalese diplomat Babacar Gaye would step down as head of mission. Human rights group Amnesty International has accused UN peace keepers of raping a 12-year old girl, and of killing a boy and his father. Mr. Ban expressed outrage over the reports. “I cannot put into words how anguished and angered and ashamed I am by recurrent reports over the years of sexual exploitation, and abuse by UN forces. When the United Nations deploys the peacekeepers, we do so to protect the world's most vulnerable people.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. anguished adj. 极其痛苦的

2. recurrent adj. 复发的,复现的,周期性的

3. sexual exploitation 性虐待