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Marshall with the BBC news.

Huge explosions have rocked Chinese port city of Tianjin. State media say 13 people have been killed and hundreds of others injured. The state broadcaster said residents had been moved 10km from the explosion zone as buildings were collapsing. Our China correspondent John Sudworth reports. “The scale of the disaster is illustrated by one particular piece of mobile phone video taken from a high-rise apartment block. It shows a bright burning glow on the horizon at a distance of around 2km, possibly more, and clearly something large is on fire, then suddenly another bright flashes a huge fireball, lights up the sky. The man filming can be heard talking excitedly and then a full 8 seconds later, the force of the blast rattles the building violently, one can only imagine the effect on the buildings, clearly visible in silhouette, much closer to the blast.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. port city 港口城市

2. light up 点燃,点亮