BBC英语新闻:2015-08-04 奥巴马提出温室气体排放计划

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Hello, I'm David Austin with the BBC news.

President Obama is preparing to unveil an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that is certain to be challenged in court by powerful groups in the energy industry. Tom Bateman has more. “The proposals involve the 32% cut in America's greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to the levels of 2005. They also place significant emphasis on the use of solar and wind power. Many in the US energy industry say this is what they called a war on coal. The measures would give President Obama the moral authority he needs to argue for global reductions in greenhouse gases at a major conference in Paris later this year.”

Egypt and the United States have stressed a commitment to their strategic relationship during a visit to Cairo by the US Secretary of States John Kerry. Ties between Cairo and Washington have been strained since the army deposed Egypt's first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi. Speaking in Cairo, Mr. Kerry said cooperation with Egypt's military was ongoing. “We will continue to provide robust training to the Egyptian military as the military seeks it and desires it in an effort to build capacity and also to meet the highest expectations of your military for its professionalism.”

Gunmen in Burundi have killed the country's former Intelligence Chief, a close ally of president Pierrer Nkurunziza. Witnesses say General Adolphe Nshimirimana died when his vehicle was attacked in the capital Bujumbura. Burundi has seen months of unrest over Mr.Nkurunziza's seeking and winning a third term in office and the European Union has called the killing a dangerous escalation. It is widely thought General Nshinirimana retained a powerful security role after his removal of Head of Burundi's Intelligence Network.

The BBC's Prim Indikuma Gangey reports from Bujumbura. “General Nshimirimana was one of a handful of generals in President Pierrer Nkurunziza's inner circle. He worked as Burundi's Intelligence Chief for nearly a decade, and even after being removed from his post in November he was given a job in the president's office. He was active in the repressing the oppositional protests against President Nkurunziza's decision to run for a third term in office.”

The authorities in Morocco say 4 African migrants have died trying to swim to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa. A Moroccan navy patrol boat retrieved the bodies. In the past year, thousands of migrants have tried to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in rickety boats.

Somalia's Petroleum Ministry says it will offer its full cooperation in the investigation into the British based Soma Gas and Oil Company if requested. The Serious Fraud Office in Britain has launched a criminal investigation into alleged corruption at the company which operates in Somalia. Soma says it's always operated in a legal and ethical manner. World News from the BBC.

Israeli Hospital sources say a 16-year-old, who was stabbed at a Jerusalem Gay Pride March, has died of her injuries. Shira Banki was one of the 6 people who were stabbed during the parade on Thursday. The suspected attacker is a member of an ultra-religious Jewish Group. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attack. “Shira was a brave girl. She was murdered by a vile person because she supported the simple notion that everyone has the right to live their lives respectfully and with security.”

The Russian Defense Ministry has grounded its fleet of Mi-28 attack helicopters after a fatal accident during its air show about 170 kilometers southeast of Moscow. One pilot died and another jumped clear when a helicopter gunship came down and burst into flames after performing stunts and firing flares with 3 other helicopters. The Country's Air Force Chief said hydraulic failure had caused the accident.

As the search for more debris from the Malaysia airlines Boeing 777 continues on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion, the latest find has been identified as not coming from the plane. Malaysia's Head of Civil Aviation Azhuruddin Abdul Rahman said a metal fragment found on Sunday was part of a domestic ladder.

South Sudan has received official recognition from the International Olympic Committee allowing the country to send a team to next year's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The country became independent 4 years ago missing the deadline for the 2012 London Olympics. The South Sudanese Marathon runner Guor Marial, who competed in those games under the Olympic flag, gave his reaction to the news. “I was very emotional. It was just overwhelming. It's going to help get the youth across the country a sense of nationalism. I do believe that the sport has a high spirit of uniting people.” The marathon runner Guor Marial. That's the latest BBC news.

Key Phrases/Words

1. greenhouse gas emissions 温室气体排放

2. moral authority 道德权威

3. robust adj. 精力充沛的, 坚定的,粗野的

4. a handful of adj. 一把,少数几个,不多

5. oppositional adj. 反对的,对抗的

6. enclave n. (指在本国境内的隶属另一国的一块领土) 飞地,被包围的领土

7. ultra-religious adj. 过分笃信宗教的,极端虔诚的

8. vile adj. 卑鄙的,〈口〉极坏的,讨厌的

9. performing stunt 表演特技

10. official recognition 正式承认



美国国务卿克里的开罗之行加强了美埃之间战略关系。自从埃及军方罢免首位民选总统穆罕默德 ·莫尔西以来,开罗与华盛顿的关系持续紧张。克里在开罗发表讲话表示,正在开展与埃及军方的合作。“我们将继续向埃及提供所需的强有力的军事训练,努力建立军事能力并满足你们对军事专业化的最高期许。”