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Egypt and the United States have stressed a commitment to their strategic relationship during a visit to Cairo by the US Secretary of States John Kerry. Ties between Cairo and Washington have been strained since the army deposed Egypt's first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi. Speaking in Cairo, Mr. Kerry said cooperation with Egypt's military was ongoing. “We will continue to provide robust training to the Egyptian military as the military seeks it and desires it in an effort to build capacity and also to meet the highest expectations of your military for its professionalism.”

Key Phrases/Words

1. robust adj. 精力充沛的, 坚定的,粗野的

美国国务卿克里的开罗之行加强了美埃之间战略关系。自从埃及军方罢免首位民选总统穆罕默德 ·莫尔西以来,开罗与华盛顿的关系持续紧张。克里在开罗发表讲话表示,正在开展与埃及军方的合作。“我们将继续向埃及提供所需的强有力的军事训练,努力建立军事能力并满足你们对军事专业化的最高期许。”

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