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Hello, Im Jerry Smit with the BBC news.

Womens right activists in Afghanistan have reacted angrily to an appeals court decision in Afghanistan to quash death sentences imposed on 4 men involved in a mob killing of the young women Farkhunda in Kabul in March. Heres David Loyn. “The brutal murder of Farkhunda, a devout Islamic student wrongly accused of burning a copy of the Koran, attracted worldwide attention. But now an appeal court has reversed the death sentences, the decision in a closed court hearing is led to widespread condemnation. A prominent activist Wadgma Frog said she was completely outraged, but not surprised. She said the whole trial had been example of injustice and it showed it was not only the Taliban, but the whole Afghan system that pressed women.”
The United States has asked Swiss authorities to extradite 7 former FIFA officials arrested in May as part of an investigation into alleged corruption in World Footballs governing body. Among those detained was Jeffery Webb, FIFAs Vice-President and former CONCACAF President. This report from Imogen Foulkes. “The 7 FIFA officials now have 14 days to respond. From there the Swiss will rule on whether extradition is warranted. But its believed all 7 planed appeal, a process, which could go all the way to Switzerland Supreme Court and take months. The other option agree to a Swiss extradition, engage of lawyer in the United States and apply for bail. The Swiss made it clear they considered the detained FIFA officials a flight risk and will not be granting bail.”

Investigators say a Taiwanese passenger plane crashed in February after the captain mistakenly shut down its only working engine. The pilot realized his error seconds before the aircraft went down. Forty three people died when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Taiwanese capital Taipei.

Security forces in Egypt take continuing operation against Islamic State militants in the northern Sinai Peninsula. The army said it would not stop until that it cleared the area of what it called terrorist concentrations. War planes resumed attacks late in the night following a day of intense clashes.

Here is Sally Nabil. “The Egyptian Army has announced it is in full control of the situation in the northern Sinai. But many would question such a statement. The latest developments on the ground have raised concerns about the armys capability to contain the insurgency in the strategic peninsula bordering Israel and Gaza. Many Egyptian soldiers lost their lives after IS affiliated militants attack a number of military position simultaneously in the town of Sheikh Zuweid. The death toll remains controversial while the army says 17 soldiers were killed, other sources have spoken of at least 50 dead, and many civilians, too.” News from the BBC.

Greeces finance minister Yanis Vourofakis has welcomed the decision of the European Central Bank to keep open its line of credit to the countrys banks. Mr. Vourofakis said the move gave Athens breathing space as it tried to find a way out to its debt crisis. But he criticized Euro Zone finance ministers for refusing to hold further talks on a bailout until after Sundays referendum.

The United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions including a travel ban and asset freeze on 6 south Sudanese generals, 3 from the government side and 3 from the rebels. The move comes just days after the UN mission in South Sudan reported on human rights abuses in the recent outset of fighting. Imanuel Ugonzei reports. “Among those targeted by the sanctions is the commander of President Salva Kiirs special guard, two other office generals who are leading troops in unity state which are seemed some of the vast violence, have also been sanctioned. Three top commanders closely allied to rebel leader Reag Marshar, will also face the worldwide bans announced by the UN Security Council. In a statement, US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said all those responsible for atrocity in South Sudan, must be held accountable.”

At least 34 people are reported to have died after a ferry overturned in rough seas in the Philippines. The coast guard says more than a hundred others have been rescued, but some remain missing. There were more than 170 people on board. Ferries are a common form of transport in the Philippines.

New satellite photographs of the disputed Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea show that China has almost finished construction of an airstrip on one of its new artificial islands. There are also helipads, radar and communication systems and supply ships are moored off far across reef. The program has been sharply criticized by countries with rival claims to the area as well as the United States. BBC news.

key point
ferry :轮船
asset freeze:财产冻结
crash :坠毁 resumev.继续



美国要求瑞士当局引渡于五月遭逮捕的7名前FIFA官员,他们是世界足球管理会中涉嫌贪污的部分人员。遭扣押的包括FIFA副主席杰富瑞 韦伯以及前 CONCACAF主席。艾默根 福克斯为您播报。“距七名FIFA 官员作出回应还有14天。瑞士将裁定是否采取引渡。人们相信这七人的上诉流程将送至瑞士最高院,并会持续数月。另一观点认同瑞士采取引渡,在美国聘请律师,申请保释。瑞士则清楚地认为这些被扣留的FIFIA官员有潜逃的可能,不同意保释。



萨利·那尔比为您报道。“埃及军方宣布他们已全面控制西奈北部的局势。但许多人对此声明表示怀疑。地面上的最新进展引起了关于军队是否有能力控制住爆发在以色列与加沙交界的战略性半岛上的骚乱的担忧。隶属于伊斯兰国的武装分子在谢赫兹韦德镇同时袭击了多处军事据点,许多埃及士兵丧生。死亡人数颇具争议性,军方称17人死亡,但据其他来源表示至少有50人丧生,其中包括许多平民。” 以上是BBC新闻。