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Here is Sally Nabil. “The Egyptian Army has announced it is in full control of the situation in the northern Sinai. But many would question such a statement. The latest developments on the ground have raised concerns about the armys capability to contain the insurgency in the strategic peninsula bordering Israel and Gaza. Many Egyptian soldiers lost their lives after IS affiliated militants attack a number of military position simultaneously in the town of Sheikh Zuweid. The death toll remains controversial while the army says 17 soldiers were killed, other sources have spoken of at least 50 dead, and many civilians, too.” News from the BBC.

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萨利·那尔比为您报道。“埃及军方宣布他们已全面控制西奈北部的局势。但许多人对此声明表示怀疑。地面上的最新进展引起了关于军队是否有能力控制住爆发在以色列与加沙交界的战略性半岛上的骚乱的担忧。隶属于伊斯兰国的武装分子在谢赫兹韦德镇同时袭击了多处军事据点,许多埃及士兵丧生。死亡人数颇具争议性,军方称17人死亡,但据其他来源表示至少有50人丧生,其中包括许多平民。” 以上是BBC新闻。

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