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The United States has asked Swiss authorities to extradite 7 former FIFA officials arrested in May as part of an investigation into alleged corruption in World Footballs governing body. Among those detained was Jeffery Webb, FIFAs Vice-President and former CONCACAF President. This report from Imogen Foulkes. “The 7 FIFA officials now have 14 days to respond. From there the Swiss will rule on whether extradition is warranted. But its believed all 7 planed appeal, a process, which could go all the way to Switzerland Supreme Court and take months. The other option agree to a Swiss extradition, engage of lawyer in the United States and apply for bail. The Swiss made it clear they considered the detained FIFA officials a flight risk and will not be granting bail.”

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美国要求瑞士当局引渡于五月遭逮捕的7名前FIFA官员,他们是世界足球管理会中涉嫌贪污的部分人员。遭扣押的包括FIFA副主席杰富瑞 韦伯以及前 CONCACAF主席。艾默根 福克斯为您播报。“距七名FIFA 官员作出回应还有14天。瑞士将裁定是否采取引渡。人们相信这七人的上诉流程将送至瑞士最高院,并会持续数月。另一观点认同瑞士采取引渡,在美国聘请律师,申请保释。瑞士则清楚地认为这些被扣留的FIFIA官员有潜逃的可能,不同意保释。

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