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Hello, Im Sue Montgomery with the BBC news.

Greece has become the first advanced economy ever to go into arrears with the International Monetary Fund. Its failed to pay back 1.6 billion Euros to the IMF and its international bailout agreement has also expired. From Brussels, Chris Morris. “This is not how international diplomacy or finance is supposed to be conducted. A series of last minute proposals are in an atmosphere of mountain chaos. At the end of a topsy-turvy day, another Greek request for an extension to its current bailout has been rejected.

But there will be more exploratory talks on whether a third bailout is an achievable aim. Without one, Greece is in dire straits, cut off from all international financing, and skating on dangerously thin ice. If it cant repay a debt to the European Central Bank on July 20 that would probably be the end. Its already failed to pay the IMF on schedule and its running out of options to keep it in the Euro zone.”

The Greek Economy Minister Georgios Stathakis says the government will continue to look for solutions to the Greek problem despite its latest bailout request being rejected. He told the BBC that he thought the solution was sure be found that kept Greece within the EU. “I am quite relaxed because I think that what most of the time we are talking about make sense. Its rational, its compromising solutions. And I think that whatever else is highly dangerous, and I dont think that anybody would try to follow the very dangers, but which is a huge cost for the Greek society and the European economy.”

The United States officials say the US and Cuba have reached a deal to reopen embassies in Washington and Havana. The deal is a major milestone in a process which began with secret negotiations and took off last December when both presidents announced a thaw in relations.

The worlds biggest greenhouse gas emitter China has for the first time made a commitment to the United Nations to try and produce 20% of its energy from renewable sources within 5 years. Roger Harrabin reports. “Chinas beset by pollution from the industries that have lifted the nation out of poverty. Smog closes airports, there is a war against desertification.

Now China has announced its solution. It involves getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and ensuring its emissions of carbon dioxide peak by 2030 at the latest and increasing its forests. Previously, China considered pollution its sovereign concern. This is the first time its made its commitments to the United Nations. Its part of the great endeavor to tackle climate change at the UN climate summit later this year.” World news from the BBC.

The Yemenis state news agency says more than 1000 prisoners have escaped from a jail in the central city of Taiz when it was attacked by groups of armed men. The agency said the attackers were Al Qaeda's supporters.

A former Colombian paramilitary leader Salvatore Mancuso has been sentenced to almost 16 years in jail in the US for drug trafficking. He's been sentenced in Colombia to 8 years on charges which included torture, force disappearances and murder. The organization he helped found the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia is believed to be responsible for the death of around 11000 people. His lawyer said he had received a reduced sentence in the US after providing valuable information about the activities of other paramilitaries.

The governor of California Jerry Brown has signed a new law requiring all children in the state to be vaccinated against measles from next year. Previously, parents were allowed to refuse immunization for the children for personal reasons. It follows an outbreak of measles in Disneyland which affected more than a hundred people. America was declared free of measles 15 years ago, but health officials say increasing numbers of parents were declining for vaccination driven by fears of possible side effects.

The Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced that they are to divorce after ten years of marriage. From LA, here is Peter Bowes. "Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner met on the site of the film Daredevil in 2003. They married two years later. Their children are aged 9, 6 and 3. In their joint statement they say the decision to divorce has been made after much thought and careful consideration. We go forward with love and friendship for one another and they say a commitment to co-parenting their children whose privacy they ask to be respected during this difficult time." BBC news.

key point
divorce  v. 离婚
statement n. 声明
privacy :隐私
disappearance n. 消失;不见
paramilitary adj. 准军事的;辅助军事的n. 准军事部队
sovereign n. 君主;独立国;最高统治者adj. 至高无上的;有主权的;拥有最高统治权的;不折不扣的;极好的
commitment n. 承诺,保证;委托;承担义务;献身
negotiation n. 谈判;转让;顺利的通过
renewable n. 再生性能源 adj. 可再生的;可更新的;可继续的
international n. 国际组织;国际体育比赛;外国居留者;国际股票adj. 国际的;两国(或以上)国家的;超越国界的;国际关系的;世界的
schedule n. 时间表;计划表;一览表vt. 安排,计划;编制目录;将……列入计划表
diplomacy n. 外交;外交手腕;交际手段
proposal n. 提议,建议;求婚
atmosphere n. 气氛;大气;空气
solution n. 解决方案;溶液;溶解;解答
rational n. 有理数adj. 合理的;理性的







如今中国宣布其解决方案。到2020年,可再生资源利用率达20%,最早将在2030年确定二氧化碳排放量的峰值,以及增加森林面积。之前,中国将污染问题归为内政事务。这是中国首次就污染问题向联合国做出承诺。这也是中国为今年下半年举行的联合国气候峰会上解决气候变化问题所做的部分努力。以上是BBC 全球新闻。