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The Yemenis state news agency says more than 1000 prisoners have escaped from a jail in the central city of Taiz when it was attacked by groups of armed men. The agency said the attackers were Al Qaeda's supporters.

A former Colombian paramilitary leader Salvatore Mancuso has been sentenced to almost 16 years in jail in the US for drug trafficking. He's been sentenced in Colombia to 8 years on charges which included torture, force disappearances and murder. The organization he helped found the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia is believed to be responsible for the death of around 11000 people. His lawyer said he had received a reduced sentence in the US after providing valuable information about the activities of other paramilitaries.

key point

disappearance n. 消失;不见

paramilitary adj. 准军事的;辅助军事的n. 准军事部队


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