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Now China has announced its solution. It involves getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and ensuring its emissions of carbon dioxide peak by 2030 at the latest and increasing its forests. Previously, China considered pollution its sovereign concern. This is the first time its made its commitments to the United Nations. Its part of the great endeavor to tackle climate change at the UN climate summit later this year.” World news from the BBC.

key point

sovereign n. 君主;独立国;最高统治者adj. 至高无上的;有主权的;拥有最高统治权的;不折不扣的;极好的

commitment n. 承诺,保证;委托;承担义务;献身

如今中国宣布其解决方案。到2020年,可再生资源利用率达20%,最早将在2030年确定二氧化碳排放量的峰值,以及增加森林面积。之前,中国将污染问题归为内政事务。这是中国首次就污染问题向联合国做出承诺。这也是中国为今年下半年举行的联合国气候峰会上解决气候变化问题所做的部分努力。以上是BBC 全球新闻。

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