BBC英语新闻: 澳大利亚法院禁止一名纹身的妇女哺乳

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A court in Australia has banned a woman from breastfeeding because she got a tattoo. A judge said this put her eleven-month old son at risk of picking up infection. From Sydney, John Donison has this report. “The court in Sydney granted the injunction to stop the woman from breastfeeding despite the fact she had negative blood tests for both HIV and hepatitis. Nevertheless, Judge Mathew Myers said there was still an unacceptable risk to the baby because the tests were not conclusive. Breastfeeding advocates in Australia criticized the decision saying the risk was incredibly small.” And those are the latest stories from BBC News.

key point
Breastfeeding : n;v; 母乳哺育
Pick up:PHRASAL VERB  If you pick up an illness, you get it from somewhere or something. 染上 (疾病)


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