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Denmark is going to the polls today with the issues of immigration and the economy holding center stage. Voters will decide whether to keep the country's first female Prime Minister Helle Thorning- Schmidt, or elect her center right rivals who were promising tax cuts. World news from the BBC.

A British corporate investigator says the Chinese authorities denied him urgent medical treatment in order to extort a confession. Peter Humphrey has just been released from a prison in China after admitting that he illegally gathered information about Chinese citizens in a case involving the pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo Smith Kline, Kerry Gracie reports. “Free at last and back on British soil. Peter Humphrey told the BBC his two years in a Shanghai jail cell, had been a shattering experience. He said Chinese authorities had denied him treatment for prostate problems as a way of trying to force him to confess, already now has a tumour as a result of not getting the medical attention he needed.”

key point

immigration n. 外来移民;移居

pharmaceuticals n. 药物(pharmaceutical的复数)

tumour n. [肿瘤] 瘤;肿瘤;肿块



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