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BBC news with Neil Nunes.

A series of booms has ripped through Shia mosques and offices in the Yemeni capital Sanaa killing more than 30 people. Islamic State militant said they carried out the attacks targeting Shia worshippers and headquarters of the Houthis rebel movement who had taken over the capital and much of Yemen. The Houthis are holding peace talks in Geneva with Yemen's government in exile. This Houthis delegate suggests that significant steps have been taken.“What happened today in the meeting is said that there was significant progress at setting a future vision, the first step to a solution. We also had a real discussion on the truce as well as the necessary steps to stop the internal conflicts. Some positive ideas were proposed.”

The two most senior defense officials in the United States say there is no way that the US will achieve its aim of recruiting 24,000 soldiers in the Iraq by the autumn. The US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff General Matin Dempsey called for greater commitment from the Iraqi government. From Washington, Alim Mabul .“It was a bleak picture on Iraq that was painted by America's two most senior defense figures, Ashton Carter, the Defense Secretary, and General Matin Dempsey, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of staff, acknowledged there was now, no chance the US would achieve its goal at training 24,000 Iraqi troops by the autumn, saying only 7,000  have been recruited to date. America has also been too slow they admitted in arming Iraqi security forces in their fight against Islamic States Militants.

With Greece, just 14 days away from defaulting on its massive debts, Athens and its international creditors are playing down any hopes of resolving the crisis. Late this day, Eurozone's finance ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss the looming end of a great bailout program. The Bank of Greece, that said the outcome could force the courtly out of the single currency and European Union. Greece's economic spokesmen Euclin Saconatus warned that his country didn't have the money to pay its international debts.“I can see no reason of signing something when you can't deliver when it can create recession, and if it did creates great recessions, we are not gonna meet our targets, and the European partners will come back and say look at the Greece, they are never credible, they never deliver what they promised. But that's becoming so fulfilling prophecy if you don't have a strategy that is actually economically viable.”

The authority in Chad have banned the wearing of a full face veil or burka following suicide bombings on Monday which killed at least 23 people. The Prime Minister Kalzeube Pahimi Deubet made the announcement after meeting religious leaders. He blamed the attack on the Nigeria Islamist group Boko Haram which is increasingly using female suicide bombers. Security has been increased in the capital of N'Djamena since the bombings which targeted the police headquarters as well as a police academy. World news from the BBC.

The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says he is shocked by Hungary's decision to build a fence to stop a surge of illegal migrants crossing from Serbia. Above a wide barrier four meters high were stretched along 175 kilometers of border. Matub Darby is from the Hungarian organization that works with migrants.“This is a shameful matter that effectively it's building a new iron curtain designed to keep people out, people who are fleeing wars, conflicts, severe human rights abuses. In fact, the Hungarian government has said that there are safe countries along the way to Hungary. And therefore, migrants and asylum seekers should stay there. And we contest this.”

European Union governments have agreed in principal to extend economic sanctions against Russia by six months. Agreement was also reached on extending an EU ban on investment in Crimea by twelve months. The sanctions were imposed a year ago in response to Moscow's annexation of Crimea and its support for separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

The authorities in Colombian say the country's largest rebel group the FARC has blown up an oil pipeline and contaminated a river in the northern town of Catatumbo. Its led to the water supply being cut off for more than 16,000 people. Attacks on the oil, electricity and transport infrastructure have increased since FARC rebels suspended the unilateral ceasefire two months ago. Peace talks between the FARC and the government are continuing despite the latest incidents

Researchers in New Zealand have discovered the fossilized remains of the previously unknown species of bat which foraged on the ground and burrowed using its feet and wrists. The find suggests that New Zealand has been home to walking bats for more than 16 million years. Although thought to have underweighted forty grams, the ancient species were three times larger than its modern cousins. BBC world news.


美国国防部两名最高官员称,截止到秋季美国不可能实现在伊拉克招募24,000 名士兵的目标。美国国防部部长阿什顿卡特及参谋长联合会议主席马丁邓普西将军呼吁伊拉克政府做出进一步承诺。阿里姆马布于华盛顿报道。“美国国防部的两位最高官员,国防部部长阿什顿卡特及参谋长联合会议主席马丁邓普西将军描述伊拉克呈一片惨淡的景象,他们承认至今只征募到了7,000 名战士,因此秋季之前不能完成培养24,000名伊拉克战士的目标。” 美国也承认在帮助武装伊拉克安全部队与伊斯兰国家激进分子斗争中行动过于迟缓。