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The Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says he is shocked by Hungary's decision to build a fence to stop a surge of illegal migrants crossing from Serbia. Above a wide barrier four meters high were stretched along 175 kilometers of border. Matub Darby is from the Hungarian organization that works with migrants.“This is a shameful matter that effectively it's building a new iron curtain designed to keep people out, people who are fleeing wars, conflicts, severe human rights abuses. In fact, the Hungarian government has said that there are safe countries along the way to Hungary. And therefore, migrants and asylum seekers should stay there. And we contest this.”

key point
organization n. 组织;机构;体制;团体

barrier n. 障碍物,屏障;界线vt. 把…关入栅栏n. (Barrier)人名;(法)巴里耶

abuses n. 滥用;虐待;暴行(abuse的复数)v. 滥用;虐待;辱骂(abuse的三单形式)



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