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Hello, I'm Justin Green with the BBC news.

The Internationally recognized Libyan government says a US air strike in the country has killed a senior Islamist militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The Pentagon has confirmed he was the target of an air strike on Saturday, but says that its still assessing the results of the operation. Belmokhtars death has been reported many times in the past. Tom Batman has more. “The Algerian-born militant led a brigade which two years ago stormed the IMS gas port on the Libyan Algerian border. His men held 800 workers hostage in a siege which led to the deaths of 40 people. Belmokhtar gained notoriety as one of North Africa's most dangerous Islamist militants. He lost an eye fighting in Algeria and known the nickname Mr. Marlboro for cigarettes smuggling at a price across the Sahara to fund tax in the region.”

A court in South Africa is expected to rule later today on whether the Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir should be handed over to the International Criminal Court. Mr al-Bashir who's in the country for an African Union summit has been charged by the ICC with war crimes and genocide. On Sunday, a judge barred him from living South Africa into an application for his arrest had been considered. Monsieur Mecikar reports.

Lawyers representing the government will argue in the high court that Mr Bashir should be allowed to go back home as freeman because Mr Bashir is in the country at the invitation of the African Union and not the South African government. The host nation of the African Union summit faces a diplomatic dilemma at this stage because if Mr Bashir leaves the country before the outcome of the court hearing, then someone has to be held in contempt of court. The question is who will that person be.”

United Nations broke a peace talks on Yemen are due to start later today at the very least UN diplomats are hoping for humanitarian pours after months of fighting that has claimed thousands of lives. From Geneva, Imogen Foulkes has more. “Hopes for these talks were never especially high just days before they were due to start. It was reviewed the two sides were unlikely to even sit at the same table, then Huthi rebel groups delayed their arrival in Geneva by a day raising fears the talks could be canceled altogether. Today, they should get under way, the aim to negotiate a ceasefire, plan for the withdrawal of Huthi forces from territory they have seized and increase aid deliveries. Real peace remains a long way off.”

The Colombia army has killed a top military commander from the country's second largest guerrilla group the national liberation army or ELN. The commander known as Marquitos was a member of the ELN's national leadership. Local press reports said he was killed in a surprised attack after he and his men gathered to watch a football match on TV. You are listening to world news from the BBC.

Saudi Arabia's financial market is opening to some foreign investors who from Monday will be able to buy sharing companies traded on the country's stock exchange. Our economist correspondent Andrew Walker reports. “Saudi Arabia is one of the largest markets to remain until now largely off the limits to international investors. Its now taking an important, they have not completed, step to open up. The right to buy shares would be limited to investors approved by the regulator and be limited to the amount of incoming investment including a cap of 49% total foreign ownership of any company. Its not expected that there would be a sudden surge funds going into the market. But Saudi Arabia's oil wealth means its a large enough economy to ensure that some investors will find opportunities.”

Talks ended breaking the stalemate between Greece and its international creditors have failed to make any progress. The emergency meeting in Brussels on Sunday was called by the European commission in a last attempt to reach an agreement before a meeting of euro zone finance ministers on Thursday. The commission said a significant gap remained between Greece and its creditors.

In Britain, the Queen will attend a ceremony later today to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the document that introduced some of the key rights enjoyed in modern democracies. Here's our royal correspondent Peter Hunt. “In the Runnymede meadow on the banks of the Thames, the Queen will mark a pivotal moment in history. The moment when it will establish that her ancestors were not above the law, the death of despotism. Here's one story has put it. Magna Carta, Latin for Great Charter, plays limits on taxation, outlined basic rights including to a fair trial and president Obama has spoken of it as the inspiration for Americans founding Fathers.” Peter Hunt reporting there. Magnet Carter is also seen as an inspiration for the universal declaration of human rights. And that's the latest BBC news.


国际社会承认的利比亚政府称,美国在该国实施的一次空袭中,一名年长的伊斯兰武装分子穆赫塔尔·贝尔蒙塔丧生。五角大楼确认他是周六空袭的目标,不过表示仍在评估空袭的结果。过去曾多次报道过贝尔蒙塔的死讯。请听汤姆·巴特曼带来的更多消息。“出生在阿尔及利亚的激进分子带领着一个旅在两年前猛攻位于利比亚与阿尔及利亚交界处的国际军事标准化组织的煤气口。他们的人在一次围攻中劫持了800名工人为人质,其中的40人遇难。贝尔蒙塔是北非最为危险的伊斯兰激进分子之一,臭名昭著。在阿尔吉尼亚的战斗中他失去了一只眼睛,他穿越撒哈拉走   私香烟,以资助该地区的武装活动,因此获得了万宝路先生的外号。”







英国女王今天晚些时候将出席《大宪章》颁布800周年的纪念活动。现代民主制度中所享受的就是一些引申自《大宪章》的重要权利。以下是本台皇家事务记者彼特•亨特的报道。“在泰晤士河岸拉尼米德草地上,女王将纪念这一重大历史时刻。这一时刻标志着英国皇家统治者的权力将不能超越法律,宣告了专制主义的终结。我们将举例予以证明。《大宪章》(拉丁文的写法是Magna Carta)中规定限制征税,规范基本权利,其中包括享受公平审判权。美国总统奥巴马曾说过美国的建立者们就深受《大宪章》的启发。”彼特•亨特现场报道。《大宪章》同时还鼓舞了全球人权宣言。以上就是BBC最新的新闻报道。