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With Greece, just 14 days away from defaulting on its massive debts, Athens and its international creditors are playing down any hopes of resolving the crisis. Late this day, Eurozone's finance ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss the looming end of a great bailout program. The Bank of Greece, that said the outcome could force the courtly out of the single currency and European Union. Greece's economic spokesmen Euclin Saconatus warned that his country didn't have the money to pay its international debts.“I can see no reason of signing something when you can't deliver when it can create recession, and if it did creates great recessions, we are not gonna meet our targets, and the European partners will come back and say look at the Greece, they are never credible, they never deliver what they promised. But that's becoming so fulfilling prophecy if you don't have a strategy that is actually economically viable.”
key point
looming n. 上现蜃景;庞视;幽影v. 逼近;隐约可见(looming形式)adj. 隐隐约约的;正在逼近的

recession n. 衰退;不景气;后退;凹处

prophecyn. 预言;预言书;预言能力


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