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BBC news with Neil Nunes.

A series of booms has ripped through Shia mosques and offices in the Yemeni capital Sanaa killing more than 30 people. Islamic State militant said they carried out the attacks targeting Shia worshippers and headquarters of the Houthis rebel movement who had taken over the capital and much of Yemen. The Houthis are holding peace talks in Geneva with Yemen's government in exile. This Houthis delegate suggests that significant steps have been taken.“What happened today in the meeting is said that there was significant progress at setting a future vision, the first step to a solution. We also had a real discussion on the truce as well as the necessary steps to stop the internal conflicts. Some positive ideas were proposed.”

key point
exile n. 流放,充军;放逐,被放逐者;流犯 vt. 放逐,流放;使背井离乡


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