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In Britain, the Queen will attend a ceremony later today to mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the document that introduced some of the key rights enjoyed in modern democracies. Here's our royal correspondent Peter Hunt. “In the Runnymede meadow on the banks of the Thames, the Queen will mark a pivotal moment in history. The moment when it will establish that her ancestors were not above the law, the death of despotism. Here's one story has put it. Magna Carta, Latin for Great Charter, plays limits on taxation, outlined basic rights including to a fair trial and president Obama has spoken of it as the inspiration for Americans founding Fathers.” Peter Hunt reporting there. Magna Carta is also seen as an inspiration for the universal declaration of human rights. And that's the latest BBC news.

key point
correspondent n. 通讯记者;客户;通信者;代理商行

despotism n. 专制,独裁;专制政治


英国女王今天晚些时候将出席《大宪章》颁布800周年的纪念活动。现代民主制度中所享受的就是一些引申自《大宪章》的重要权利。以下是本台皇家事务记者彼特•亨特的报道。“在泰晤士河岸拉尼米德草地上,女王将纪念这一重大历史时刻。这一时刻标志着英国皇家统治者的权力将不能超越法律,宣告了专制主义的终结。我们将举例予以证明。《大宪章》(拉丁文的写法是Magna Carta)中规定限制征税,规范基本权利,其中包括享受公平审判权。美国总统奥巴马曾说过美国的建立者们就深受《大宪章》的启发。”彼特•亨特现场报道。《大宪章》同时还鼓舞了全球人权宣言。以上就是BBC最新的新闻报道。

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