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Saudi Arabia's financial market is opening to some foreign investors who from Monday will be able to buy sharing companies traded on the country's stock exchange. Our economist correspondent Andrew Walker reports. “Saudi Arabia is one of the largest markets to remain until now largely off the limits to international investors. Its now taking an important, they have not completed, step to open up. The right to buy shares would be limited to investors approved by the regulator and be limited to the amount of incoming investment including a cap of 49% total foreign ownership of any company. Its not expected that there would be a sudden surge funds going into the market. But Saudi Arabia's oil wealth means its a large enough economy to ensure that some investors will find opportunities.”

key point
correspondent n. 通讯记者;客户;通信者;代理商行

surge n. 汹涌;大浪,波涛;汹涌澎湃;巨涌v. 汹涌;起大浪,蜂拥而来


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