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And a giant balloon has been launched by NASA to test the largest parachutes ever made. Engineers hope the 30-meter diameter chutes will be used one day to bring a flying saucer-type lander safely down on the surface of Mars. Peter Bows reports from Los Angeles. “NASA scientists had hoped the test would pave the way for astronauts eventually to land on Mars. It was designed to investigate how a large landing vehicle would slow down as it falls through the atmosphere at supersonic speeds. A helium filled balloon carried a saucer-shaped test vehicle to a height of about 37 kilometers and a built-in rocket fired it a further 50 kilometers before the parachute was meant to slow its descent, but it only partially opened, leaving the capsule to plummet into the Pacific Ocean.” BBC News.

key point
atmosphere n. 气氛;大气;空气

partially adv. 部分地;偏袒地


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